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The publishing industry shows six major trends, and the total output value has exceeded trillion yuan

the China Institute of publishing Sciences officially released it on July 1, 2012. We should first analyze the reasons for the errors, "2009 and 2010 China Publishing Industry Development Report" (China Publishing Blue Book). As a continuing scientific research project, this is the sixth annual report on China's publishing industry compiled by the China Institute of publishing science

by the end of 2009, the total output value of the publishing industry had increased by about 20%, breaking the 1 trillion yuan mark. Among them, book sales increased by about 20%, and the total output value of the printing industry reached 574.62 billion yuan, an increase of 24.9% over the previous year; Digital publishing increased by about 50%, with a total output value of 79.94 billion yuan, surpassing traditional book publishing for the first time, and the total investment increased by about 35%. According to statistics, China published 7billion books (sheets) in 2009, and the annual book publishing volume ranked among the top in the world for five consecutive years; There are 43.7 billion newspapers, of which the total publishing volume ranks first in the world for 9 consecutive years; There are 3.1 billion periodicals, more than 9000 e-journals, 500000 e-books, and a total circulation of more than 30million

The report points out that the development of the publishing industry in 2010 shows the following trends: first, changing the development mode will become the theme of the development of the publishing industry; Second, the transformation of the publishing industry into enterprises will continue to deepen, and publishing units will make more exploration on how to improve the modern enterprise system and how to establish a more market-oriented operation mechanism; Third, capital operation and merger and reorganization will be further upgraded; Fourth, content-based and reading based publishing will tend to be displayed in the form of multimedia, and there will be a situation of deepening industrial integration; Fifth, the capital cooperation between non-public publishing studios and state-owned publishing units will continue to be strengthened, and the pattern of public ownership as the main body and the common development of various forms of ownership will be further strengthened; Sixth, capital going out will become a breakthrough for the publishing industry to keep in touch with us and go out

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