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The 2019 national construction machinery and mining machinery fair was grandly held. On May 30, the 2019 (72nd) national construction machinery and mining machinery fair press conference was held in Xizhou Garden Hotel, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. This trade fair will be held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center on September, 2019. It will be hosted by China construction infrastructure Co., Ltd. and the Wuxi chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce, supported by the China Chamber of construction machinery, XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Liugong Jiangsu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., CO organized by Wuxi Xianfeng Exhibition Co., Ltd., Wuxi chenrui marketing planning Co., Ltd., local headlines, and undertaken by Wuxi Hengrong Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhu Jian, general manager of Construction Machinery Department of China construction infrastructure Co., Ltd., Ms. xuhuijuan, President of Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade and director of Wuxi Convention and Exhibition Office, Mr. yuzhimin (Zhiming), President of China Chamber of construction machinery, attended the press conference and delivered a speech. Mr. Lin Guozhong, former deputy director of Wuxi Municipal People's Congress and President of Wuxi Enterprise Federation, Mr. Yang Weiguo, Secretary of Suqian society and Party committee Liu Huibin, Secretary General of the construction machinery industry center of China Equipment Management Association, Jiangsu high altitude machinery hanging basket Association, and Wu Renshan, a visiting professor of Shenyang University, attended the meeting and wished the meeting a complete success. The thickness of the casting strip is 20mm for the national construction machinery sales chamber of Commerce, the national Heli Construction Machinery Federation, the China Shenzhou Tongjian Machinery Association, and the Wuxi Construction Machinery Association; According to senior technicians of Hazlet company, Xingyang Construction Machinery Association, Jiangsu Flooring Industry Association, Anhui Flooring Industry Association, China Xijin Business Federation, China Construction Second Bureau Group, zhongzuo construction group, Jiangsu xinjinyu Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhongtian Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuxi chuangneng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shandong laigong machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd Wuxi Huaxia Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xusheng New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Ouke Machinery Co., Ltd Attended the meeting and strongly supported this exhibition

the national construction machinery and mining machinery fair began in October 1982 and has been held for 37 years. It has been held 71 times in 47 cities across the country. It is the longest held, nationwide and far-reaching industry event in China

in 2018, the fair was held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center, which has reached the international level in the past few weeks. More than 150 manufacturing enterprises participated in the fair, with three indoor pavilions and outdoor squares, 1200 standard booths, and an exhibition area of more than 30000 square meters. Nearly 10000 people visited the trading merchants every day, which was praised by many parties

the 2019 national construction machinery and mining machinery fair was held in Wuxi again, which was the decision of the organizing committee after many rounds of field consideration and research, and also received the strong support of the Wuxi Municipal People's government, the Wuxi Council for the promotion of international trade and colleagues from all walks of life. The fair plans to set up 1500 standard booths, with an area of nearly 40000 square meters. So far, more than 100 construction machinery enterprises from all over the country have confirmed their participation, including well-known domestic enterprises Briggs & Stratton, Shanghai Yayao, Shandong Wanshi, Shandong Shengxiong, Wuxi Chuang Neng, Foshan skylark, Hebei Tianyu heavy industry, Chongqing Jiao, igus power, Shandong Huarui rubber, Hangzhou Dali Yaoquan, Zhengzhou Zhengsheng great wall construction machinery, Huaxia machinery, Xinxia machinery Xinjiang machinery, Shenzhen Putian vibration motor and other enterprises participated in the exhibition, and foreign-funded enterprises Zong lilongcheng, Viktor Norsen, Weima agricultural machinery, Kohler power The exhibition has also been reached, and new products will be released on site. It is estimated that the number of visitors to the exhibition will exceed 10000 per day

drawing on the successful experience and shortcomings of last year's exhibition, this year's exhibition service will be more humanized: provide a list of gourmet restaurants within 3 kilometers around; Provide refreshments during the exhibition; The charging of forklift loading and unloading is more standardized; In terms of the audience, it is more diversified. Through the efforts of the government and many parties, the most important and frequent reasons for the sensor failure of the foreign spring fatigue testing machine are the overload of the experimental force, foreign trade companies, construction enterprises such as construction roads, bridges and tunnels, and horizontal industry associations

for the first time, this conference will add more rich exchange platform activities between manufacturers and merchants, merchants and users, associations and associations. It is understood that the first PC construction safety and smart digital Twin Research Report and application, construction safety and equipment management risk prevention Summit Forum, and a variety of welcome activities will be held at the same time. At that time, large brand enterprises, industry leaders, major associations and Chinese and foreign friends will gather together to strive to create a top-level Carnival in the construction machinery and mining machinery industry

it is worth mentioning that this national construction machinery and mining machinery fair is also the first time to take the horizontal integration of major fields as the engine and the innovation and introduction of 20% of new manufacturers as the goal. It is the first time to cooperate with the mechanization branch of China Academy of Building Sciences, the construction machinery industry center of China Equipment Management Association, Jiangsu flooring industry association and Anhui flooring industry association to share resources and create the future

the plastic in the mixer has completely become powdery materials. This conference will be an important innovation and breakthrough in terms of exhibition scale, activity form, implementation role, conference level and influence. All participating units and enterprises will work together in Wuxi to innovate and strengthen cooperation, so as to promote the development of China's construction machinery industry to a higher level

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