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Sources said that PetroChina will be one of the first batch of state-owned enterprise reform pilot enterprises

according to reports, in the reform pilot, China's largest oil and gas company, China National Petroleum Corporation, will become a strategic holding company and will no longer manage the daily operations of its listed and unlisted entities

insiders said that the reform will give subordinate companies greater management autonomy and speed up the mixed ownership reform of state-owned enterprises. Because the information has not been made public, the insider asked for anonymity. The new holding company will make capital and strategic decisions for listed and unlisted entities. CNPC seeks to speed up the stripping company through reform and realize the independent operation of its subsidiaries

insiders said that the reform plan of CNPC is a slow process and will take many years to implement through appropriate heat treatment process to increase its mechanical properties

it is reported that China National Petroleum Corporation is considering splitting and listing its oilfield service business

in some cases, the spokesperson of CNPC group in Beijing did not reply to Bloomberg's email seeking comment; NDRC and SASAC did not respond to the fax

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