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Panyu bridge engineering instrument measurement information

Panyu bridge engineering instrument measurement information

Article source: WorldCom instrument testing service release time: 09:26:08

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Panyu bridge engineering instrument measurement information

WorldCom measurement calibration and testing company The company (hereinafter referred to as WorldCom calibration) is a national metrological calibration and testing accreditation institution approved by the national accreditation Society for conformity assessment (CNAs), involving metrological testing and calibration laboratories for length, mechanics, electricity, electromagnetism, electricity, optics, physics, chemistry, thermal engineering, etc There are more than 100 on-the-job staff, with a technical staff team consisting mainly of young and middle-aged backbone, a combination of old, middle-aged and young people, and a reasonable age and seniority structure Among the on-the-job employees, 70% are professional technicians, and more than 85% are technicians with bachelor degree or above It has become one of the influential and comprehensive instrument calibration/testing companies in South China

except for the small growth of monitoring instruments, the other two have maintained negative growth. Among them, the output value of special monitoring instruments and meters exceeded billion yuan, year-on-year%, and the sales value reached billion yuan, year-on-year%. The data shows that in the analytical instrument industry, the growth rate of special monitoring instruments and meters is fast, and the industrial analytical instrument sub industry also maintains a growth rate higher than the average level of the industry, while the growth rate of experimental analytical instruments is significantly lower than the average level of the instrument industry. This is mainly because the state has included the protection and energy conservation and emission reduction work in the China development plan, issued some mandatory and encouraging policies, and promoted the popularization and application of monitoring instruments

what happens if the calibration cycle is unreasonable

with the passage of time, whether the calibration cycle of the measuring instrument is reasonable depends on the calibration qualification rate and the historical calibration record of the instrument, which can be used as a basic basis. However, with the change of time or operation, the application of BASF infinity foaming material to Adidas running shoes or the change of the use mode and condition of the measuring instrument may cause the instrument to be inaccurate. Therefore, when the measuring instrument has reached the forefront of the industry, it should be calibrated immediately after a calibration cycle. In addition, within the valid calibration period, the deviated state of the instrument should also be checked irregularly. Adjust the calibration cycle according to the above information, and shorten the calibration cycle appropriately

products keep up with the pace of international development in the development direction of integration, intelligence, bus, etc., but different factors also restrict the development of the measuring instrument industry. Shangpu consulting electronics industry analysts pointed out that at present, the development status of measuring instruments in China is generally complete, small-scale enterprises, low efficiency and low-grade products. The development of domestic instrument industry lags behind, and there are many problems, facing a severe situation. There are three main factors restricting the development of domestic measurement instrument industry. First, in the information age, the industry competition is very fierce. If the development speed is slowed down slightly, it will be far behind. However, the development of domestic measuring instrument industry is sluggish, large-scale instruments and equipment almost all rely on imports, many special instruments are still blank, and there are still many difficulties to be overcome in the quality of medium and low-grade products

global information integration should at least make the information exchange between all levels of the enterprise barrier free. The automation system engineer project will produce many technical documents at each stage from demonstration to completion, operation and overhaul and maintenance. The documents at each stage are strongly related, and these documents are now stored in the computer in binary form. After painting the information model used in each stage, the files in the next stage can have good inheritance compared with the previous stage. For example, the control logic configuration diagram will be prepared in the engineering design stage of the project. If the information model is used, the system can be directly configured with this diagram in the start-up and commissioning stage

how to scientifically determine the calibration cycle

according to the similarity of the structure, expected reliability and stability of the measuring instruments, the measuring instruments in May this year are preliminarily grouped, and then the calibration cycle of each group of instruments is preliminarily determined according to general routine knowledge

for each group of measuring instruments, count the number of out of tolerance or other unqualified instruments in the specified period, and calculate the ratio of these instruments to the total number of instruments in the combined grid in the given period. When determining unqualified measuring instruments, the instruments that are obviously damaged or returned by the user due to suspicion or defects should be excluded. If the proportion of unqualified instruments is very high, the calibration cycle should be shortened

if the proportion of unqualified instruments is very low, the calibration cycle may be economical and reasonable. If it is found that the instrument in a group (or made by a manufacturer or a model) cannot work like other instruments in the group, the group should be divided into other groups with different cycles

hour method this method is to confirm that the calibration cycle is expressed in actual working hours. The measuring instrument can be connected with the timing indicator. When the indicator reaches the specified value, the instrument will be sent back for calibration. The main advantage of this method in theory is that the number of instruments for confirmation and the confirmation cost are directly proportional to the use time. In addition, it can automatically check the use time of instruments

for example, when we use an oscilloscope of a company, we can directly check how long it has been used continuously on the oscilloscope without connecting a timer, which is very convenient for management. However, this method has the following disadvantages in practice:

(1) this method should not be used when the measuring instrument drifts or is damaged in storage, handling or other situations

(2) the timer provided and installed has a high starting cost, and it needs to be carried out under the circumstances because it may be affected by users, which increases the cost

method when each measuring instrument is calibrated according to the specified calibration cycle, compare the calibration data with the previous calibration data. If the calibration results of consecutive cycles are within the specified allowable range, its calibration cycle can be; If it is found that it is beyond the allowable range, the calibration cycle of the instrument should be shortened

in each calibration of the chart method measuring instrument, select the same representative calibration point, trace their calibration results according to time, and draw a curve. According to these curves, calculate the effective drift of the instrument in one or several calibration cycles, and from the data of these charts, a good calibration cycle can be calculated

the chromatographic market is a rapidly growing product among analytical instruments, and its sales volume accounts for% of the global analytical instruments in the past five years. At present, industrial laboratories account for 70% of the chromatographic application market, mainly because industrial laboratories have widely used chromatographic methods in separation, purification, analysis and other technologies. Capillary and supercritical fluid performance are more advanced and innovative technologies in gas chromatography. Although the sales value of supercritical fluid chromatography accounts for only% of the sales volume of gas chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography has gradually attracted people's attention. Ion chromatography in analytical instruments is also growing rapidly. Its annual sales growth rate is% in the United States and the world. It is expected to decline slightly in, but it is still expected to remain at about%

measurement information of Panyu bridge engineering instruments

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