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According to the news, Cisco and nutanix negotiated a super integrated strategic partnership

Cisco, which failed to acquire nutanix last year, once again negotiated with this super integrated start-up company. This time, Cisco and nutanix talked about a strategic partnership. Under this relationship, channel partners from the two manufacturers will sell Cisco's unified computing system (UCS) server and nutanix's integrated hyperfusion software, these unnamed insiders said

people familiar with the matter also said that more than 3/4 of Nutan is hot-air plastic granulator IX and Cisco have not finalized the terms of cooperation, so this may also be an agreement that cannot be reached

these arrangements, known as channel meeting types, are increasingly emerging in the emerging market of hyper integrated infrastructure. Hyper convergence is running computing, storage, and networking on X86 server hardware. Cisco has established a similar partnership with simplivity, the second largest hyperfusion start-up company, which is rated according to the combustion performance of building materials, and the latter also cooperates with Lenovo. In addition, nutanix also signed OEM agreements with Dell and Lenovo. Under these agreements, the two sides will jointly build and sell ultra integrated infrastructure machines

Cisco entered the hyper convergence market in March this year with hyperflex. This product combines Cisco's own UCS server with the technology of springpath that emerges from the use of various new materials from software defined storage startups. Cisco has invested in springpath and can choose to acquire the company based on its revenue results, according to people familiar with the matter

some early feedback from hyperflex is mixed. Although some Cisco partners saw the market demand for this product, several of Cisco's top partners didn't get hyperflex devices that could be tested because their gear rods were too dirty

a Cisco spokesman said that the delay was due to the higher than expected market demand for hyperflex. When Cisco increases production, it will give priority to shipping to customers. At the same time, some Cisco customers encounter expansion problems when using hyperflex in their environments

therefore, the cooperation between Cisco and nutanix will raise doubts about whether springpath technology is suitable for enterprise customers in the channel

before announcing the launch of hyperflex, few partners even heard of spring, said the Cisco partner, who declined to be named. The whole thing seemed a little hasty. It seems unreasonable for Cisco to encounter this obstacle when launching this fantastic hyperfusion software

although Cisco calls hyperflex a more economical alternative to nutanix in terms of performance, Cisco actually tried to acquire nutanix and simplivity before deciding to invest in springpath

Cisco's offer to nutanix is about $4billion, but nutanix's asking price is $6 to $7billion. It's no secret that Cisco interrupted the negotiations and their dissatisfaction with nutanix

after the report on the negotiation came out in May, nutanix CEO dheerah Pandey denied that nutanix was looking for a buyer and said that if they changed their position, they would give priority to being acquired by Dell

nutanix submitted its IPO documents in December, and it was reported that it was postponed due to adverse market conditions. Last month, nutanix updated its S-1 file, which clearly shows that nutanix has started the IPO process again

in the IPO document, nutanix said that the revenue in the first half of fiscal 2016 increased by 85% to $190.5 million, but the cumulative loss was $345.2 million

considering the current turmoil in the IPO market, Dell's top priority is to acquire EMC. Cisco's previous troubles in storage and the difficulties of Invicta's product line, some partners believe that Cisco may make a last ditch bid to acquire nutanix. Although Cisco has significantly increased its initial offer price, it has acquired similar market leaders such as Meraki and Sourcefire for a very high amount

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