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On May, 2016, the 8th China Cloud Computing Conference was held at the National Convention Center in Beijing. This transaction includes two PPS production plants located in Borger, Texas. At the same time, the evaluation of innovation and entrepreneurship projects initiated by China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance, China big data expert committee and China Cloud Computing expert committee was presented with two awards of excellent entrepreneurship projects and technological innovation projects selected by the regional and National presidents on the night of innovation on the 19th. The competition consultants and jury have a strong lineup, and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Bohu, Ni Guangnan, Li Deyi and others came to sit in person

Shenzhen yunzhixinluo Technology Co., Ltd. won two awards in 2016 cloud computing big data innovation and entrepreneurship selection, the national general selection of excellent technological innovation projects, and the excellent technological innovation projects in Shenzhen by virtue of the Internet communication PAAS platform. This award was passed by the Shenzhen and Beijing roadshows by the China Institute of Electronics, the China Cloud Computing Technology and Industry Alliance, the cloud computing Expert Committee of the China Institute of electronics, and the China big data expert committee Evaluation, the awards carefully selected by the expert equipment group after the formal acceptance of the orderer, in order to recognize the contribution of yunzhixun in ICT integration technology, and give deep encouragement

fourth from the left: Mr. Liu Wei, CMO of cloud news

the judges and the advisory panel are unanimous in their view of the construction of ICT integration in the future business. From the perspective of data mechanics, it is known that cloud news will have great potential to provide full capability integrated communication that is different from providing a single communication mode or adapting to a certain scenario

yunzhixun has built a cloud communication platform that connects everything, allowing business systems from all walks of life to access communication capabilities at low cost and quickly, and reducing the technical and investment threshold for enterprises to build and use integrated communication capabilities. Communication capabilities are integrated with business systems and workflows, and seamlessly integrated with industry scenarios

the ability of cloud communication will be embedded in various links such as internal and external communication of enterprises, communication between users, upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, etc. in fact, the profit is not high everywhere. With the gradual maturity of consumer Internet and the arrival of the era of connected commerce triggered by user thinking, the enterprise communication service market such as yunzhixun will be a trillion new businesses

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