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The treatment process of paperboard on various surfaces

glazing is a common process for post press processing of packaging products. After the surface of the product is polished and coated, the properties of water resistance, sun resistance, friction resistance and pollution resistance of the printed matter can be enhanced, and the surface brightness of the product can also be improved, so that the grade of the product can be greatly improved. There are many structures of glazing paint, including oily glazing oil for printing machine, water-based and oil-based glazing oil for glazing machine, solvent based glazing paint and UV glazing paint. The characteristics of glazing coatings are different, and the process effect of product surface processing is also different. It is also a bright coating, because its energy density is said to exceed that of all current ternary systems. Due to its different characteristics and formulas, its gloss effect and wear resistance are also different. For Shanghai self-adhesive printing, covestro will also further develop, produce and efficiently manage the corresponding project matte paint for coating. The surface of the print has almost no gloss, but it has a certain sense of art. Some products have matte paint, and the process effect is no less than that of bright paint. Whether it is bright or matte coating, the coating must have good wear resistance in order to protect the surface of prints

oily polishing process

use the oily polishing oil on the printing machine. Because the thickness and drying of the polishing coating are limited by the machine structure, the gloss and wear resistance of the printing surface are not as good as the solvent or water-based polishing oil on the polishing machine. Therefore, this kind of glazing is generally only suitable for ordinary products with small batch and low quality requirements

solvent glazing process

the surface gloss and wear resistance of products polished with solvent are higher than those of RTP's acquisition of a factory of alloy in Gahanna, Ohio. However, because its diluent is an organic solvent, such as toluene, with the volatilization of the solvent, the cost of glazing paint is also large. The solvent glazing coating has poor physical and chemical resistance, the coating is easy to yellowing, and the solvent with strong odor is not only easy to pollute the environment, but also has a certain impact on production safety. Therefore, the production and operation site must pay attention to the emission of exhaust gas. If the machine adopts electric heating pipe for drying, it is necessary to pay attention to maintaining the smooth transportation of paperboard, so as to prevent the skew transportation of paperboard from blocking the drying channel not long ago and touching the electric heating pipe, Cause fire safety accidents

Waterborne Glazing process

Waterborne Glazing paint has the advantages of colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, non irritating, fast coating drying speed, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no yellowing, no discoloration, and high transparency and gloss, so this process is more suitable for the surface finishing processing of food packaging. However, the solvent of water-based glazing oil is water, which is easy to produce deformation after printing. Its wear resistance is second only to solvent glazing paint. If the outer layer of paperboard is packed with PVC plastic film, it is easy to damage the glazing film and graphic ink color of prints due to the sticky surface of PVC plastic film. Therefore, the outer packaging material is PVC plastic film, and the water-based paint should not be used for paperboard glazing, but solvent based wear-resistant glazing paint should be used for glazing, which is the experience of our company from a quality accident

uv glazing process

uv glazing is to use UV glazing oil to coat the surface of printing products, so that the surface forms a high gloss film. After UV irradiation, photopolymerization reaction and photocrosslinking reaction will take place inside the coating, and then it will be cured and dried quickly, so there will be no adhesion quality failure, which is conducive to ensuring the rapid operation of the next process. UV glazing coating has the advantages of wear resistance, drug resistance, chemical resistance and good stability. Because UV glazing oil does not have the problem of solvent volatilization, it is not like the pollution of solvent based glazing process to the environment, and its dosage is relatively small, and its production cost is far lower than that of film coating process. Therefore, it is an ideal process to replace plastic coating and solvent based glazing. However, during production, it should be noted that UV coating will stimulate human skin to a certain extent, and direct UV light will also cause certain damage to human body. After UV irradiation and drying, the coating will produce ozone. The production site should have good ventilation and exhaust

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